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“I feel healthy and look great! I can run again and not feel self conscious!”

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“I feel like I have a whole new life after my vein treatment at Sonoma Vein. I am able to walk like a normal person, my posture is changing and I’m able to function and move where I haven’t been able to in the past years. The Staff at Sonoma Vein is fantastic  and very enthusiastic. They really believe in what they’re doing!”
Natasha Radovanovic
“I feel like Sonoma Vein has given me my life back. After treatment, I’m able to be more active, I have more energy at work and my legs actually feel good at the end of the day. In my medical past I’ve suffered  from “white coat syndrome” but now with having experience with the knowledgeable staff I actually look forward to seeing the Doctor.”
Michael Neri
“My legs feel great after my treatments at Sonoma Vein. I feel like I can show my legs and I feel like I can stand for longer periods of time. All of the Sonoma Vein staff makes me feel like I’m at home and very comfortable. “
Rosa Martinez-Velasquez
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