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Sonoma Vein Cardiovascular Laser Group, is a team of Cardiologists, nurses and professional support staff committed to helping patients with venous disease to obtain a better quality of life.  To find out if you have venous disease, and what are your therapeutic options, start with a medical evaluation at Sonoma Vein.

BallesterosJose Ballesteros, MD

Joe Ballesteros cares deeply about his patients and strives to bring them the best possible medical care.  He carries with him a depth and breadth of experience in the performance of interventional vascular procedures that is the largest among interventional cardiologists in Northern California.  Besides performing thousands of heart operations, he has delivered balloon, stent or roto-rooter technology to the carotid arteries, and the arteries of the arms, legs, kidneys, and bowels of his patients.  Since 2006 he has gained additional experience in treating venous disorders, using similar catheter-based techniques.  His fluency in Spanish and Tagalog make him an unmatched, well-rounded asset of the Sonoma County medical community.

Dr. Ballesteros gained his early interventional cardiology experience at the world famous Mid-America Heart Institute in Kansas City, Missouri.  He subsequently trained at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois, and then successfully completed board certification in Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology.  Despite growing up in Manhattan, New York, and graduating from Fordham University in the Bronx, this “East Coaster” settled in the South.  He practiced in Texas for many years, working as a cardiovascular interventionalist in a large referral hospital, before moving to Santa Rosa in 2005.

“In my very little free time, I enjoy playing basketball and watching all types of sports,” says Dr. Ballesteros.  “I also enjoy reading, and I try to keep up with the medical literature.  My wife and I love living in Sonoma County because of its natural beauty and climate.  Look for me in green scrubs, enjoying a unique meal with my wife, at one of Sonoma County’s great restaurants!”


Carla Evans, FNP-BC

Carla Evans offers her patients a unique perspective gained from a wealth of experiences within the world of medicine.  She takes pride in listening to her patients and understanding their need and is passionate about patient education.  The advantages of her background in nursing cannot be overemphasized, especially when it comes to the skill sets involved in effective treatment of complex vein issues.  In addition, her recent extensive training received from national experts, allows her to bring to Sonoma County the most modern cosmetic vein treatment techniques.Carla grew up in Los Angeles, a sports fan who frequently attended Lakers and Dodgers games.  She worked as a fitness instructor and restaurant manager before going to nursing school at Sonoma State University.  Her nursing career included many years of work in Intensive Care Units, Cardiac Cath labs and Cardiac Electrophysiology labs, thus, it was a natural progression for her to specialize as a cardiology nurse practitioner.  She joined Santa Rosa Cardiology in 2009 and immediately became involved in the efforts of Sonoma Vein to raise the standards of care for patients with venous disease.

“There is no better place to live than in the rolling hills of West Sonoma County,” says Carla.  “My work is fun and rewarding, and my home-life is equally great.  I love spending time with my family and also enjoy bicycling.  Look for me pedaling on Harrison Grade, the Prince Greenway Parkway, or in Annadel!”

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